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Dream 4 More Reviews.

Adrienna Turner has begun book reviews with African American on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) for 3 years, and later was noticed by a major publishing company, Simon and Schuster, through their publicist to review new titles (advanced copies) for a couple years. 

She was nominated and won awards as Best Book Reviewer, Best Radio Host, and also has been awarded for Female Author of the Year.

Then, she started Dream 4 More Firm to be the one-stop-shop for literary endeavors. Since 2016 Dream 4 More offers minimal book review(s) based on inquiry request(s). See the review guidelines on the Reviews page.

I'm thrilled to say I have copies of these books to send + free gift + Card.

Physical copies to be autographed to your loved ones as gifts or for you:
1. Half of the Battle is to Surrender All I Have (prose/poetry/poems)
2. Outcry, Shalom, large print (Book 2 of MTM Series), limited
3. From the Depths of My Soul (limited copies)
4. Day Begins with Christ, 2008 version
5. Begin with Christ, 2018 version, few copies left (Amazon, $24.99)
6. Begin with Christ Journal, 2018, few copies left (Amazon, $24.99)

Prefer to pay online:

Pay by Phone: Cash App (contact me)

Site: Go to Dream4More 

Send $20 per book desired unless you want to help cover S&H send $25.

Thank you in advance,
Adrienna Turner

Miss the Mark Series NOW available on Amazon. 

Tormented Dreams, Book 1 of MTM Series 

(eBook and Book versions on Amazon, BN, and Smashwords)

Outcry, Shalom!, Book 2 of MTM Series

(eBook and Book versions on Amazon, BN, and Smashwords)

Marked Souls, Book 3 of MTM Series

(eBook version available only on Amazon)


Begin with Christ relaunched for December 23, 2017 and its companion journal for December 16, 2017.

Available on Amazon.com in both paperback and eBook. Author's Website. 

Updated material since the award-winning copy of "The Day Begins with Christ" from 50 day journey to a 273 day (9 months) one. Companion Journal sold separately to journal daily and spending time with Christ.

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